Oliver & Patty have been fortunate in that their work has been able to influence policy decisions. Here are some of the ways:
Oliver was invited to testify before Congress April 22, 2008 based on his and Patty's research. A field hearing, titled "Environmental Education: Educating our Children, Preserving our Future," was held at the National Wildlife Visitor Center of the Patuxent Wildlife Research Refuge in Laurel, Maryland, to highlight the No Child Left Inside Act (NCLI) and the importance of having environmental education in the nation’s schools. A link to a video of the hearing is above (but please be patient after clicking while it loads). You can also download their written testimony here.

Oliver and Patty wrote a Chicago Sun-Times editorial in 2007 about videophilia, science education, and the No Child Left Behind law.

Oliver and Patty spoke about videophilia at the National Dialog on Children and Nature on Sept 7-10, 2006 sponsored by the US Fish and Wildlife Service.

As a result of Oliver & Patty's 2006 paper, Congressional hearings on US National Park attendance were held in 2006.

A link to Rich's Children and Nature Network may be found here. A link to the related, new Chicago Wilderness No Child Left Inside Initiative may be found here. Oliver & Patty are very involved with these initiatives.

A link to a very comprehensive talk given Jan. 17, 2010 by Doug Walker (Chairman of the Board of REI), extensively citing our research, may be found here.

Talk on videophilia at Arizona State University on March 22, 2013.